We have a fund to specifically help animals who come in with emergency care needs. This fund will not be used for standard operating costs (although we still need donations for that!)

Donate online or by mail to:
P.O. Box 6575, Katy, Texas, 77491

The History of the Brownie Fund – In the summer of 2005, Brownie was found cowering against a concrete barrier on one of the dangerously busy onramps on I-10. HPD had stopped traffic to help her but she was too frightened to come to him. Luckily, some STAAR volunteers were driving past and were able to patiently talk her into their car. She had a badly broken leg which we were hoping to get operated on. During the month that we were collecting the funds for her operation, she spent her time living and playing at the STAAR ranch. We were all surprised by how happy she seemed despite what must have been a great deal of pain. When we took her into Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, they were surprised to find that she had undergone a miraculous recovery process on her own. They recommended not operating as the leg had repaired itself as best it could and despite some calcification and a thickening of the leg she was deemed healed!

With the funds that we had collected we decided to start the Brownie Fund.

For more information on Brownie, click here.

Many thanks to our donors!

  • Valerie Hartzell
  • Carol Wilson
  • Mr & Mrs Mikulka In memory of Chico, a joy to all. His guardian was Tom Hoar.
  • Rochelle Connell
  • JoAnne Bies
  • Terisa & Brad Galiazzo
  • Liz Eikenberg
  • Margaret Eikenberg
  • Pete & Luzia Turner
  • Billy & Marianna Webb
  • Joni Moeller
  • Bill Galiazzo
  • Sara Zehner
  • Susan Craig