S.T.A.A.R. is honored to be the recipient of donations made in honor of or in memorial to many loved ones.

You can make a donation in honor or memorial online

03.08.10 In memory of Mason Dixon Jackson by Susan Jackson

12.29.09 In memory of Easymy beloved Greyhound adopted- PALS of Katy by Sherri Clark

12.20.09 In honor of Meredith Johnson & Andy Hamilton (& Bella!) by Heather Seemuth-Johnson

12.20.09 In honor of Bella Hamilton by Suzanne Johnson

12.20.09 In honor of Gay and Rune Pearson by Jessica Butler

09.17.09 In honor of Tena Wood‘s 50th birthday! by Stacey Zudock and Lisa Egan

08.11.09 In memory of Linda Irwin by Richard and Gerry Bulgarelli

04.17.09 In memory of Lexi Turner (the precious dog of Luzia and Pete Turner) by George & Paula Jumonoille

04.17.09 In honor of Jaci Day by Mr an Mrs Lassiter

04.17.09 In memory of Taggaert by Chadley Wiseman

04.17.09 In memory of Mummy Keating by Wiseman Crew

04.17.09 In memory of Izzy & Itsy by Wiseman Crew

04.17.09 In memory of Murphy by Cathy Detamore

04.17.09 In honor of STAAR by Joyce Keefe

04.17.09 In memory of Bear, Guinness, Madison, & Shelby by Lorna Van De Wiele

04.17.09 In honor of Valerie Clark by Kelle Clark

04.17.09 In honor of Meredith, Derek & Sydney Ham by Katherine Baker

04.17.09 In honor of Diane Siebels on her birthday, by Penny Wiseman and Ruth Youssef

04.17.09 In memory of Skylar by Mr. & Mrs. Grounds

04.09.09 In honor of Cooper & Carmen by The Pearson Family

04.09.09 In memory of Tana and Nevada by Howard Fortner

04.09.09 In honor of Leslie Derrick by Alyson Illich

04.08.09 In memory of Taggart & Sam by Chadley

04.07.09 In memory of Sharon Coleman by Charlotte Coleman

04.04.09 In memory of Jake by Maya Roll

04.04.09 In honor of Lesa Spungin by Tena Wood

04.01.09 In honor of Princess Berkowitz by Steve Berkowitz

04.01.09 In honor of My beloved Cameo by Christina Pavlovich

04.01.09 In honor of Claire, my STAAR dog by Leticia Ochoa

04.01.09 In honor of Brandy by Erlinda Linzer

02.05.09 In honor of Graham & Heather Johnson by Pat Lawlor

02.05.09 In honor of Andy & Meredith Hamilton and Bella by Pat Lawlor

01.07.09 In honor of Banana (Ariel) & Tofu (Mikey) by Susan Diemont-Conwell

12.18.08 In honor of Dave Huber by Jennifer Kotrla

11.6.08 In honor of Carmen Castillo-Jones on her birthday by Leigh Akin

10.29.08 In honor of Penny Wisemen on her birthday by Diane Siebels

10.29.08 In honor of Penny and Claude Wiseman and their devotion to STAAR by Lorreta Teiwes

10.29.08 In memory of Bill Ellerhorst, Grandpa to Sam and Sadie by Carolyn Ellerhorst

10.29.08 In honor of Sam and Sadies‘ first anniversary by Lisa Ellerhorst

10.29.08 In memory of Jill by Libby McLachlin

10.29.08 In memory of Nita Perkins Barousse by Larraine Perkins

10.29.08 In memory of Lloyd Edward Ernstes by Wanda Brown

6.5.08 In honor of Valerie Hartzell on the occassion of her musical concert to support STAAR, by The Alton Family

6.4.08 A birthday gift for a very good friend, Peggy Keller who loves all dogs very much, especially neglected ones, by Donna S Merten

3.13.08 In honor of Sharon Mosher, on her birthday, by The Rief Family

3.13.08 In memory of Willie, by STAAR

3.13.08 In memory of Henry, by STAAR

3.13.08 In memory of Weaver, by Lisa Cannoro

3.13.08 In memory of Spike, by Janice Storey

3.13.08 In memory of Kelsey, by Mary Taylor

1.07.08 In memory of my wonderful greyhound, Easy (A STAAR/PALS adoption), by Sherri B Clark

1.06.08 In honor of Dave Huber, by Jennifer Kotrla

12.30.06 In honor of Charley (Danny) and Megan, by The Johnsons

8.10.06 In memory of Charlie, by Sharon Mosher

5.15.06 In memory of Jessie

4.27.06 In memory of Jordan, a beloved member of the family, by eve, gavin, sharon, and eliza.

4.27.06 In memory of Tara

4.20.06 In memory of Marjorie Duffy, who always loved dogs.

4.20.06 In honor of Scooby (Biscotti)

3.7.06 In honor of Valerie Hartzell on her birthday by the Glinski family and the Alton family

1.14.06 In memory of Priscilla

11.10.05 In memory of Damian

9.13.05 In memory of Alice Mae Keating by Margarita Lawyer and Ruth Youssef.

9.2.05 In memory of Bailey

8.19.05 In honor of Diane White

4.10.05 In memory of Ursula Weis Plowman, by Don Plowman; Capital Management; Dick Yale; Marcia Oliver; David Green; Linda Rowlett; Coats/Rose; Chimney Hill MUD Board of Directors: Jan Szinyei, Camille Sowells, Charley Lewis, Kim McNinch, Amy Cantu; Mo Shebclo; McCall, Gibson & Co PLLC; Myrtle Cruz, Inc; Timothy & Debra Carlson

3.25.05 In memory of Brit Kyle Hayes, by: Matthew Laney, Terry & Susan Doyle, Anonymous, Friedkin Holdings, Inc., Gary and Penny Featherston, Katie and Darren Hoy, Philip and Lina Nome, Craig and Nelda Brooks, Kenneth and Florence Lamour, Tom Ann Hoar, Walter and Clara Cloudt

4.6.05 In memory of Ita

4.6.05 In memory of Missy

2.1.05 In memory of Coco

3.11.05 In honor of Sharon Mosher by the Wiseman and Rief families, and Jaci Day.

1.12.05 In memory of Candy

11.9.04 In memory of Lucky Rigby

2004 In memory of Henry Lineau

9.30.04 In memory of Luke

8.5.03 In memory of Bear

8.24.03 In memory of Jenny

5.2.03 In memory of SusieQ

12.3.02 In honor of the birthday of Sadie Lawson of Katy. Donations by Mr and Mrs Spuhler and Mr and Mrs Leibman

11.30.02 In memory of Andy

10.02.02 Made in memory of my loving companion, Molly, who died this week from cancer.

7.8.02 In memory of Tiger Boots, very sweet, loving lab mix, 13 years old, and best friend Clarabelle.

3.27.02 In memory of Jessie Mazzone by Sharron McClurg, Compaq, David and Anette Winther, Crystal Day and Mark Gonzalez

2/26/02 In honor of Winne

2002 In memory of Bea

6.9.00 In memory of Minina

7.13.99 In honor of Jordan

7/7/99 In honor of Princess

7.13.99 in memory of Lady, Gretchen, Columbus, Sparky, Tony, Midnight, Mittens, and Kandinski and the many other animals that have been a part of the family over the years

7.19.99 In memory of Crystal