There are many ways you can help us without even noticing! No cost to you, and without using more than a moment of your time!

Penny Wiseman, will donate 15% (fifteen percent) of all sales of BeautiControl products purchased through her to STAAR. For product brochure or to place an order call 281-492-0149 or e-mail Pennyk at ev1 net

Recycle Program and Homeless Homer Program
Both of these programs don’t cost you a thing, but they will bring in dollars and free pet food for STAAR Please call us at 281-392-0927 if you have any questions or would like more information.

Kroger Share Card
With the Kroger share card, you just give the card to the cashier when you check out, and Kroger will donate 1% of your entire bill to STAAR! An wasy way to help and get your shopping done all at once.

Randalls Donation Program
When you check out at Randalls, present your cashier with your Randalls Remarkable Card and ask that you be set up for Randalls donation program for #2617. Once this is done, each time you check out and present your Remarkable Card, Randalls donates 1% of your total purchase to STAAR.

Avon’s Skin So Soft
Place your order for Skin so Soft and other Avon products with Janet Chase at (281) 579-6866 and Janet will donate 20% of your purchase directly to STAAR Get Those Fleas!

Aluminum Cans
Collect cans and donate them to STAAR for us to recycle. Newspapers and Other Stuff Save your newspapers and donate them to STAAR for reuse. Look around your home to see if you have any items that would fulfill one (or more) of the items listed on the STAAR wish list.